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Charlotte Masi – Artist Statement

My insatiable curiosity has always been a driving force in my life and a dominant influence in my art and design. Discovering new mediums and new ways of working with them artistically is a never ending pursuit. I’ve enjoyed delving into a wide variety of visual arts.

I am currently creating mixed-media sculpture. These are figurative, animal, bird and bug sculptures. I work with copper, Apoxie Sculpt (a two-part clay-like material), wood and other miscellaneous wires, beads, driftwood and found objects to create pieces that explore emotion and movement. I create textures and patinas with copper as a way of adding to the visual image of the emotion.

Before retiring, I worked as an Environmental Graphic Designer and Advertising Art Director after graduating from ETSU with a double major in Industrial Design and Commercial Art and later did graduate work in ceramics and welded metal sculpture. My design experience has given me the visual and technical foundation to pursue many artistic interests. I never know what I might be trying next!