Spring Studio Tour 2023

May 6-7 & 13-14, 2023

Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm

There are 37 studios and galleries representing over 100 artists on the tour.

Click or tap on a dot on the map below for details about that location.

PLEASE NOTE: The tour will follow all CDC and Washington State COVID guidelines. Individual studios or galleries may require visitors to wear a mask.


You can download a pdf of the brochure here.


Spring 2023 Tour Map
1. Handmade On Vashon 2. Bramwell/Gannis Studio 3. Morgan Brig Studio 4. Weeping Birch Studio 5. Brenno Studio 6. John Woodard's Studio 7. Clandestign Secret Lab 8. Ravensong Farm Studio 9. 3 Potters Studio 10. Bergstrom Studio/GRACE GOW Jewelry 11. Jeff Good 12. Margaret Smith Baskets! 13. Brian Fisher Studio 14. Lisa Betz Art 15. H.A. & Co. 16. Wm Henri/Seek Adventure Co. 17. Zuzko Jewelry 18. Donnelly-Austin Photography 19. Valerie Willson Studio 20. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio 21. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art 22. Dockton Pottery 23. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio 24. Old Dockton Press 25. Gretchen Hancock 26. Tina Anderson & Christian Austin 27. Jennifer Loomis Photography 28. Vashon Center for the Arts 29. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep 30. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery 31. Quartermaster Press 32. WabiSabi Studios 33. Purple Circle Studio 34. Swiftwater Gallery 35. Studio V 36. Allison Crain Trundle Art 37. Kristen Reitz-Green @Kimmco Bldg

1. Handmade On Vashon

10744 SW 110th St.

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Featuring 15+ Vashon artists:

Brian Fisher: Prints & Cards
Ann Spiers: Vashon Trail Guide Book
Annette Messitt: Prints & Cards
Yuchen Lin: Handmade Soaps
Michael Darr:  Cards
Lynn McClain: Cards
Michael Elenko: Photography
Pamela Wickard: Mixed Media
Danny Kopsak: Cut Paper & Cards
Brooke Gassiot: Original Paintings & Cards
Michelle Friars: Prints & Cards / 
Gale Lurie: Pottery
Molly Green: Baby Booties
Jen Huntley: Prints & Cards



2. Bramwell/Gannis Studio

10616 SW 110th St.


Barbara Gannis, Fine Jeweler, and Janeen Bramwell, Pastel Artist, met during the emergence and rise of the Argentine Tango community in Seattle, through dancing, teaching, performing and producing Tango events. Our friendship has been rekindled after many years, and we are collaborating in this new way, presenting our art at Vashon.

Barbara Gannis, Fine Jewelry 

Inspiration for jewelry design using natural organic shapes and textures Informs my work. Often symbolic concepts or ideas taken from travel are worked into designs further contributing to my finished hand-crafted jewelry.

In this collection, the emphasis is on “Rings and Earrings.” Most are sterling silver, and some are 14k gold. Silver gypsy rings are heavy with texture and angle bends. Contemporary wearable rings feature gemstones such as garnet or pearls, some embellished with intricate patterns.

The earrings follow suit. From handmade circle coins to hinged dangles with gemstones, there is an assortment of styles to please everyone.

Janeen Bramwell, Pastel Art

I am new to pastels and am exploring various subjects, such as Vashon landscapes and flowers; portraits, especially dogs; monochromes, and still life paintings. My style is painterly, expressing mood, feeling and sense of place, which is how I wish to connect to the viewer, sharing what moves me about my subjects. 

Please come to our show and enjoy our art presentation.
See you there!

(206) 930-7750

3. Morgan Brig Studio

11509 103rd Ave. SW


Mixed media sculpture. Playful and unique clay, metal, wood,
and found object figures and animals.





4. Weeping Birch Studio

14021 Old Vashon Hwy SW


Chuck Bonsteel, ceramic sculpture

At Weeping Birch Studio you will find a selection of ceramic sculpture ranging from small bodhisattvas to life size owls and ravens. These are all original sculptures from which plaster molds have been made. Each figure is formed in the mold of the original and then raku fired. Raku firing is an ancient  Japanese technique developed to produce one-of-a-kind cups for tea ceremonies. It is an unpredictable process during which the piece is pulled from the kiln while still hot, covered in sawdust and then quenched in cold water making the glaze on each sculpture entirely unique.



5. Brenno Studio

9850 SW 148th St.


BrennoStudio combines the blown glass work of Brian Brenno and the ceramic work of Tara Brenno. The artists met while attending California College of Arts and Crafts in 1985. In 1997 they started Brian Brenno Blown Glass on Vashon Island, Washington. In 2005 they built a glass / ceramic studio where they both could work.

Since then they have exhibited together as BrennoStudio, each developing their own lines of work. Brian’s blown glass work includes his Lollipop Flowers, Garden Flowers, and his recycled glass Garden Pendants adding year round color for the home or garden. Tara’s hand-built ceramic bowls and vases include intricate, vibrant hand glazed patterns and colors. Her sgraffito style vases evoke images of nature and birds.




6. John Woodard's Studio

11619 SW Cove Rd.


The shingle shake house is John Woodard's studio. Please park in the driveway next to the house or the next driveway on the left.  The house is filled with oil pastel and watercolor resists, oil paintings and drawings.  A Vashon artist since 1977, John and his wife, Martha, welcome you to the studio. From the main highway, follow SW Cove Rd., crossing 115th, the third house on the left.



7. Clandestign Secret Lab

11922 SW Cove Rd.


Greg Francke
Handcrafted machines of a diverse and unusual character. Equipment to delight and enjoy. Generative sculptures using sound, light, and forgotten design rules.

8. Ravensong Farm Studio

12202 SW 153rd St.


Lynanne Raven - Printmaker 

Inspired by nature, colorful and vibrant limited edition drypoint prints.
Birds, bees, flora and fauna. Also beeswax candles and art cards.




9. 3 Potters Studio

12714 SW Cemetery Rd.


Working together for many years, we fill the studio with ceramic art, each potter with our own style. 

Liz throws colorful pots as mugs, cups, pasta bowls, plates, serving bowls, teapots, and on,  and builds bowls and cups. 

Karen throws classic stoneware tableware and builds her garlic-keeps.

Marla continues to hand-build porcelain ware, oven-to-table
servers, and stoneware lanterns. 

Our ceramic art is art to be used every day, made by serious potters who make art functional.






10. Bergstrom Studio/GRACE GOW Jewelry

12814 SW 220th St.


Presenting ceramicART and sheepPal footstools.
GRACE GOW presents ocean-inspired jewelry,
and barnacle gold rings, earrings, and necklaces.





11. Jeff Good

14208 SW Lisabuela Rd
Jeff Good Watercolors
Please come visit my unique westside waterfront art studio! I will be displaying my original watercolor paintings from large format to small and priced accordingly.  Also available will be prints, notecards and my book of Vashon landscapes in watercolor.  Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win an original painting and help support Vashon Household, bringing affordable housing to Vashon.  I look forward to sharing my painting methods with you and incorporating mini-painting demos when time permits.

12. Margaret Smith Baskets!

22908 Carey Rd. SW


Margaret Smith baskets!

Margaret Smith has been a fiber artist since childhood on Orcas Island, when she and her sister made clothing out of maple leaves.

On Vashon in the 70s and 80s, Margaret spun and dyed wool with a group of like-minded souls. She knit over 100 colorful sweaters, vests and ponchos “custom made to fit your persona”.

For the last 30 years Margaret has been a basketmaker, inspired by native Salish baskets seen in a museum. “It felt like my body was being plucked like a harp”. Her beautiful basketmaking workshop is located in the woods on Vashon Island. The baskets are crafted using locally gathered barks, roots, grasses, rushes, vines and lichen. Margaret has experimented and taken classes from many Native teachers including Anna Jefferson [Lummi], Richard Cultee [Skokomish], Karen Reed [Puyallup], June Ward [Makah], Holly Churchill [Haida], and Audrey Armstrong [Athabaskan]. Other teachers include Melany Berry, JoAnn Hart and Margaret Mathewson.


13. Brian Fisher Studio

23520 147th Ave. SW


Welcome to Brian Fisher Studio! This Spring, Brian shares new print work with “Goddess” and “Djinn” mythologies as subject. He has added more linocuts and etchings to his ongoing “Leo and Lang”, Love Puppet, series, and his fine art print “Sacred Circle” series keeps growing, (18 on display)!

Outside his studio you will find cut steel sculpture to take home for your home and garden.

Brian often says, “The next best thing to making art is talking about art!” He encourages questions about process and the story behind each image.

Check out Brian’s work on the 2023 Spring Art Studio Tour!




14. Lisa Betz Art

12931 SW 300th St.


For the past twenty five years I have been creating mixed media mosaic art using my own handmade ceramic pieces, vintage china and found objects. Mostly small wall hangings, great for collecting or for gifting.  Handmade jewelry with a Bohemian flair using mixed metals, semi-precious gemstones, my handmade ceramic beads, leather and repurposed vintage jewelry.  My studio is a fun, friendly and inviting space to visit, come and stay a while!



15. H.A. & Co.

24012 Vashon Hwy. SW


H.A. & CO is a modern mercantile with an eclectic west coast artisan feel, light infused with bursts of color, and bohemian vibes. Located on Vashon highway in the neighborhood of Burton, the store features an eclectic mix of local artists with ceramics made by Heidi Anderson, illustration by Kate Endle, as well as jewelry by Susan Meir, Grace Gow and Margo Tantau. You will find a curated collection of apparel, apothecary and home goods from artisans and designers we admire, offering goods that focus on beautifully crafted hand made products and stocked with textiles, baskets, jewelry, clothes, candles, wood works and art. We like to think of ourselves as a gathering space not just a store and first Friday events are often part of the mix, with food made to order by Old Chaser Farm and seasonal cocktails on offer. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi.


16. Wm Henri/Seek Adventure Co.

23830 Vashon Highway


Leather is my main medium - it tells me a story, and I bring it out.     

My new studio is the old Burton Post Office, where I'm creating leather-based sculpture and assemblage, as well as other leather goods based on decades working in the medium.      A passion for history and the cowboy period in the American West initially drew me to the techniques and aesthetics that are the foundation of my work. My commercial designs have been used in fashion, advertising, television and film; other creations are in private collections and museums.    This new body of work is a true departure for me and a real joy...no boundaries and 35 years of technique I can run with. I'm having a blast with these sculptures. And they seem to appeal to the hearts and sense of humor of those who stop by to see them.           

My daughter Julia Cleaver - already a master leathercrafter - will be joining me again for the studio tour with handsewn leather designs for pet-lovers. She'll bring leather bow ties suitable for dogs and cats, and she is available for other custom accessory designs.




17. Zuzko Jewelry

23707 Vashon Hwy. SW


Zuzana Korbelarova, sterling silver and gold jewelry

ZUZKO’s  handcrafted sterling silver and gold jewelry is designed and fabricated from beginning to end by a small family team,  their kinetic designs are inspired by simple modern lines, different textures of hammered metal and handpicked gemstones in multitude of colors.



18. Donnelly-Austin Photography

21820 Vashon Hwy. SW


We’re proud to offer our beautiful and stimulating photographic images – traditionally framed, mounted on wood panels, or printed on canvas.




19. Valerie Willson Studio

22418 98th Ave. SW


A few years ago I started to explore photographic still life as a way to work directly with objects and situations which are meaningful to me. My goal was to see if I could share my vision of the beauty in the most simple everyday objects.



20. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio

23115 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Paintings, prints, ceramics, cards, scarves

Cathy Sarkowsky, a visual artist who has shown her work widely for over 30 years, is known as a colorist. She is primarily a painter and printmaker who also makes ceramics. Her work is colorful and joyful. A stop at her beautiful studio is a treat and an opportunity to chat with a well-established artist. Sarkowsky offers a wide range of prices for her artwork, so there is something for everyone. Sarkowsky also has a show opening at Seattle Art Museum Gallery from May 3 - 28, 2023. She is currently represented by SAM Gallery and Vashon Center for the Arts Gallery.




21. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art

23514 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Ilse Reimnitz watercolor, printmaking, original art cards
Hartmut Reimnitz oil paintings
Gunter Reimnitz metal sculptures.

Three large studio - exhibition rooms right on Kingsbury Road. Through several outdoor sculptures in a beautiful garden setting you enter the first space filled with metal sculptures of North-west wildlife, house and garden railings, garden gates, window - door and fireplace covers. Adjoining room is Hartmut's studio filled with vivid colorful oil paintings.





22. Dockton Pottery

25913 99th Ave. SW


6 artists!:  Gale Lurie-functional & raku pottery,
Steve Caldwell-wooden bowls, etc.,
Alice Larson-origami,
Yulia Ivaschenko-felted hats, scarves,etc.,
Gail Hapeman- glass panels, stepping stones, bowls, etc.
Christie Penning-casual jewelry




23. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio

9925 SW 260th St.


Lisa Witherspoon - Metal wire and Czech glass beaded jewelry, decoupage, painted wooden mushrooms

Treat yourself to a walk through a dreamy, miniature garden and a visit to The Jewel Box Studio. You will be treated to a trove of baubles and beads inspired by nature's own creatures, big and small. From the moment you walk in, until the moment you leave, you will find treasures in every nook. Come be dazzled in the Jewel Box Studio.



24. Old Dockton Press

26431 99th Ave SW


Framed original fine art prints, unframed original fine art prints, hand-printed and fine art printed greeting cards, gift tags, and hand-printed notebooks.

The Old Dockton Press studio is located across the way from the Dockton Community Church, which was built in 1928 when Dockton was a bustling fishing community.  The Old Dockton Press features the artist's studio space adjacent to a gallery space displaying fine art prints (both framed and unframed), hand-printed and fine art printed greeting cards, notebooks, and gift tags.


25. Gretchen Hancock

28405 101st Ave SW


Gretchen Hancock - oil paintings

Come to the south end of Maury Island to see colorful oil paintings by Gretchen Hancock. Small paintings of the ferries from Vashon, Southworth, and Tahlequah; scenes of Vashon and of the Northwest; and still lifes of fruits and vegetables and flowers from my garden. And a few larger paintings of the madronas from my yard.

206 719 4257


26. Tina Anderson & Christian Austin

9215 SW 204th Street, Vashon WA 98070


Tina Anderson, oil paintings and encaustic paintings.
Christian Austin, acrylic paintings and encaustic paintings.

Christian Austin and Tina Anderson met in art class in college and have been cheering each other along ever since. They are excited to share the VIVA tour opportunity and show their art together. They have recently started working in encaustics and are looking forward to sharing the joys and challenges of this new (for them) medium. Come watch the fun! Tina Anderson is a Seattle native now living on Vashon Island. Her recent work is a reaction to the political and ecological themes of women’s choice and climate change. Her traditional landscape paintings focus on severe weather events and wildfires. Her recent explorations in encaustic find inspiration in nature of all kinds.

Christian Austin comes from a culturally diverse and unconventional background. He was raised in Africa by American parents and moved to the Pacific Northwest for college. He is a lifelong student of art and design. In his abstract expressionist paintings, he explores emotion, social justice, spiritualism, climate change, current affairs and healing.


27. Jennifer Loomis Photography

19603 Vashon Hwy SW, Second Floor, Vashon, WA 98070


Jennifer Loomis, Black and White Photographer

Jennifer Loomis is an award-winning and internationally recognized portrait photographer, artist, and educator known for her groundbreaking work with the pregnant nude. She pioneered the maternity photography genre, which is now a popular around the world. Jennifer’s main influences are many during her 30-year career including Robert Mapplethorpe’s beautiful photograph of bodybuilder Lisa Lyon, Ruth Bernhard’s innovative photographs of nudes of women, Sally Mann’s portraits of her children, Rineke Dijkstra’s photo series of women right after giving birth, Caravaggio’s paintings, Bernini’s sculptures, and Henri Cartier-Bresson’s concept of the decisive moment. In 1995, Jennifer received her first referral from Annie Liebovitz’ studio in NY and demand for her work grew rapidly. Jennifer opened studios in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco, photographing more than 4000 pregnant women including celebrities, well-known musicians, and major-league sports players. She has been featured widely online and in all major media, and has shown in galleries in the US and Italy. Jennifer’s first book, Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother, is available on Amazon. Jennifer pivoted her career seven years ago and instead of accepting the offer to become the photographer on Bravo’s Pregnant and in Heels, she decided to walk across Spain on the Camino. She is more sane now than ever loves her slower life, and still gets to co-create with her subjects, capturing not only pregnancy but also children for both pregnant and non-pregnant clients, some of whom she has worked with for more than 18 years.


28. Vashon Center for the Arts

19600 Vashon Hwy SW


Eric Heffelfinger fine jewelry collection in the Gallery Shop and a group show by Asia/Pacific Island artists

VCA is hosting a new collection by Vashon fine jewelry craftsman Eric Heffelfinger. The collection includes handmade chains, earrings, pendants of gold and silver. Eric cast his first piece of jewelry at 15yrs old and has made over 5,000 pieces in his 55-year career. His basic goldsmith technique is lost wax casting with fabrication, if needed, done afterwards. He works with a variety of stones including diamonds, jade, red coral, turquoise, pearls, lapis and more.

Also see our May gallery exhibition, a group show “Scanning the Room”. Scanning the room is an automatic response for many people in the Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community to gauge the racial makeup of a space upon entering. Is it a factor of safety in an environment of increased Asian hate or simply as an observational awareness that is physically, emotionally and psychically increased when navigating spaces that have a majority Caucasian racial makeup. "Scanning the Room" presents work that speaks to identity, politics, or emotions of how an AANHPI artist views their place as the Other in predominantly white spaces as a person of color.



29. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep

19028 Vashon Hwy SW


Pam Ingalls

Pam Ingalls

“Extra Credit, Oil Portraits of Teachers on Vashon Island” exhibited in Dig Deep Gardens’ beautiful greenhouse. Prints and cards of Vashon scenes, still lifes, interiors and Italy will also be available. “For the past 16 years I’ve painted portraits for the annual May Art Studio Tour. About half of these shows have featured people on Vashon Island. I’ve also painted in other small communities in Jamaica, Alaska, Guatemala, Kenya, India, New Zealand, Immigrants in Chicago & people in one NYC apartment building. These shows have given me an excuse to paint portraits - which are the most fun to do (and the most challenging!) This year I decided to paint a group of
islanders that are often unrecognized as heroes - our teachers. I asked Vashonites to nominate their favorite teacher, and tell us why they make a difference in the lives they touch. They are SUCH an inspiring group of giving people. Each of the 50 portraits will be accompanied by the little story the nominator wrote about them. So come enjoy the paintings, the setting and be inspired by stories about remarkable people.”

Pam BIO: Raised in Spokane, Washington, Pam Ingalls was first inspired by her artist parents. She studied art at the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy and earned an art degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane. Later Pam studied with Russian Impressionist, Ron Lukas. She has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa, and juried into more than 125 national]and international shows.




30. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery

10524 SW 188th St.


  • Barbara Benedetti Newton creates still-life scenes and landscapes, in either oil, acrylic or pastels.
  • Lynn McClain offers mono prints and linocut prints reflecting the natural world of Washington state.
  • Celtic and nature-themed bas-relief bronze sculptures and etched glass vessels by
    Lindsay Hart and Jeff White.
  • Sophie Ackerman creates lovely porcelain earrings and pendants



31. Quartermaster Press

18531 Beall Rd. SW


Lisa Guy - Monoprint Collages
Christina Nichols – collagraphs, etchings, monoprints
Rachael Osborn – collagraphs, monotypes

Quartermaster Press is a 10-person collective printmaking studio operating on Vashon Island since 1993, making fine art prints on a Ray Trayle etching press. Please stop by to see our hand-pulled prints and cards, all made with lots of color, creativity and love. Our one-of-a-kind prints are created using a variety of printmaking techniques, including collagraphy, copperplate etching, plexiglass intaglio, linocut, monoprint, and collage. We’re always delighted to talk with you about how we make our art!



32. WabiSabi Studios

17913 McLean Rd SW


Jean Echevarria & Alex Echevarria

WabiSabi Studios is the home base of artists Jean and Alex Echevarria. Influenced by Asian aesthetics, their work will charm your home and garden. Jean's work includes reduction woodcut prints and cards. Alex creates sculptural creatures, small pavers, and other garden art.




33. Purple Circle Studio

8802 SW Soper Rd Vashon, WA 98070


Kate Munson, Paint- watercolor and acrylic, jewelry,
found object creations
Barbara MacDonald, pottery, sculpture
Harmony Kellogg Paint- acrylics and oils

Purple Circle Studio is a collective of three artists- Kate Munson, Barbara MacDonald and Harmony Kellogg. We use a broad range of media from paint to clay to jewelry and more. We are inspired by and collaborate with nature, light, form, and earth among others. We believe art is an invitation to be in a relationship with the exquisite and the everyday. Kate Munson, once a therapist, now disabled, works with paint, jewelry and other mediums in a meditative, somatically-inspired process rooted in animism. She sees art as an intrinsic language we all understand. She sees her work as an invitation to be in dialogue with the interconnectedness we share with all things. Barbara MacDonald remembers the moment sunlight moved with and through a sculpture in such a way it compelled her to begin a now 12-year-long relationship with clay. Her Still Life Series in porcelain is at once practical and breath-taking- ready for morning tea or special meal in good company. Harmony Kellogg left the corporate world for the art world and has since created community-based art programs for seniors and kindergarteners. Captivated by Nature, Harmony paints en plain air with acrylics and oils in a deeply transformative meditative process. As a cancer survivor, she believes in the healing power of art. We would love to have you come and experience the pieces that have moved through and with us and to see what our pieces might inspire in you.


34. Swiftwater Gallery

17600 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon, WA 98070


Swiftwater Gallery is a new non-profit cooperative of more than 50 extraordinary Vashon artists dedicated to their art, craft, and community. Marked by excellence and originality, the gallery features beautifully crafted artwork including paintings, hand-pulled prints, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, mosaics, origami, drawings, glass, photography, fiber arts, collage, and mixed media sculpture.

The gallery recently opened in February of this year and is centrally located in the heart of downtown near many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Swiftwater Gallery is fully run by our artists and provides a dynamic marketplace for Island artists to showcase their art year-round.

To see our list of artists please visit swiftwatergallery.com


35. Studio V

17600 Vashon Highway SW (back deck entrance)

Nancy Scott Wienker- Unique Handbags
Dorothy Dunnicliff- Hand-Dyed Silk Clothing
Sally Shivers- Spirit Prayer Flags

Studio V is a curious and fanciful jewel hidden right in the heart of downtown Vashon, filled to the brim with unique surprises.

We are a collective sewing workshop featuring silk clothing, handbags and accessories.

Who are we? Nancy Scott Wienker builds artisanal handbags marrying posh and rustic details. She also makes Japanese Azuma Bukuru market bags from silk obi sash material, silk kimono fabric and lush upholstery textiles.

Dorothy Dunnicliff of Dova Silks hand dyes sumptuous silk fabrics in the most gorgeous colors imaginable then creates stunning jackets, dresses and tops that are a visual feast to wear.

Sally Shivers of Wild Life Co. creates Spirit Prayer flags using stenciled symbols and creatures by Kathi Ray and Dorothy's hand-dyed silks in magical and fanciful combinations.

206 963 8599

36. Allison Crain Trundle Art

9929 SW Bank


Allison Trundle Contemporary Paintings

Abstract paintings inspired by the natural world of the
Pacific Northwest.


37. Kristen Reitz-Green @Kimmco Bldg

17816 Vashon Hwy


Kristen Reitz-Green, Oil paintings, mosaics, jewelry and prints

This will be my last show on Vashon Island. Everything must go. Great prices on paintings, mosaics, prints and jewelry. Come by and say hello before I go.