Vashon Island Spring Tour 2024

May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm

The Vashon Island Spring Tour 2024 features 37 studios and galleries representing over 100 artists on the tour.

Click or tap on a dot on the Vashon Island map below for details about that location.

PLEASE NOTE: The tour will follow all CDC and Washington State COVID guidelines. Individual studios or galleries may require visitors to wear a mask.

Spring 2024 Tour Map
1. Handmade On Vashon 2. Bramwell/Gannis Studio 3. Morgan Brig Studio 4. Michelle Bates Photography 5. Weeping Birch Studio 6. Brenno Studio 7. Ravensong Farm Studio 8. Glass Heart Sand Engraved Glass 9. John Woodard's Studio 10 Allison Crain Trundle 11. Valise Gallery 12. Swiftwater Gallery 13. Angela Lewis Fine Art @ Anu Rana's Tea Shop 14. WabiSabi Studios 15. Jennifer Hawke Studio 16. Logan Price Studio 17. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery 18. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep 19. Vashon Center for the Arts 20. Roots & Dreams Studio 21. 3 Potters Studio 22. Laurie Thorpe Ceramics 23. S. Marotta Pottery 24. Jeff Good Watercolors 25. Baskets! Margaret Smith 26. Rachel Fritz Watson Studio 27. Wm Henri 28. Zuzko Jewelry 29. Studio w.o.w/ Bill Jarcho 30. MiniHarbor Studio 31. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio 32. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art 33. Dockton Pottery 34. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio 35. Dockton Art Studio 36. Old Dockton Press 37. Gretchen Hancock Paintings

1. Handmade On Vashon

10744 SW 110th St.

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Join us at the Handmade On Vashon Studio to see the collection of art representing 15+ island artists! Works span fine art to the whimsical, from original artwork to limited-run reproductions, from beautifully crafted ornaments to unique giftables that will appeal to a range of budgets. We LOVE the Studio Tours as we get to take our online shop and bring it to you live in our studio on the North End of the island... Stop #1 this year! It's a great way to see multiple artists' works all at one location. Look for the Handmade On Vashon "Open Studio" signs on Vashon Hwy SW as you are exiting the north end ferry and on 103rd Ave SW. We are at the top of the hill on SW 110th Street just above the north-end ferry.

Works include beautifully crafted original artwork and limited prints, photography, greeting cards, handcrafted soaps, hand-painted ornaments, etc.

You can check out our online store to get a preview of the items we'll have live at the Studio Tour. Hope to see you there and Happy Spring to you!

Featuring 15+ Vashon artists:

Brian Fisher: Prints & Cards
Ann Spiers: Vashon Trail Guide Book
Annette Messitt: Prints & Cards
Yuchen Lin: Handmade Soaps
Michael Darr: Cards
Lynn McClain: Cards & Prints
Michael Elenko: Photography
Pamela Wickard: Mixed Media
Danny Kopsak: Cut Paper & Cards
Brooke Gassiot: Original Paintings & Cards
Michelle Friars: Prints & Cards / 
Gale Lurie: Jewelry
Annie Brule: Prints & Cards
Courtney Pine: Beach Glass Jewelry
Pam Ingalls: Cards
Stevee Duber: Original prints


2. Bramwell/Gannis Studio

10616 Southwest 110th Street


Barbara Gannis, Fine Jeweler, and Janeen Bramwell, Pastel Artist met during the emergence of the Argentine Tango in Seattle, through dancing, teaching, performing, and producing Tango events. Their friendship has been rekindled after many years and we are collaborating in this new way again this year, presenting our art in the VIVA Art Studio Tour.

My most recent jewelry collection began with a violet pearl pendant. Textured silver coils link the Baroque pearl elements by creating a sequence of cascading shapes.

I will also have sleekly shaped rings using faceted gemstones such as golden sapphire or showy tanzanite. These will balance against rings with patterns and textures. There will be earrings with coin shapes and angle bends, wire cages, and hoops of varying sizes.

This year I am including more variety with examples from my past work including bronze pendants filled with symbolic meaning.

My emphasis this year with pastels, will include a tribute to children through new portrait and figure paintings, plus memories from travels in Florence, Argentina and Utah.
Also there will be still life, and dog portraits as well as landscapes in both pastel and watercolor.

We hope to see you there!

(206) 930-7750

3. Morgan Brig Studio

11509 103rd Ave. SW


Mixed media sculpture. Playful and unique clay, metal, wood,
and found object figures and animals.


4. Michelle Bates Photography

13408 Vashon Hwy SW


Step into a world of analog photography with Michelle Bates’ photos from over 30 years of making images with film and prints in the darkroom.

Michelle’s main artistic muse is a low-tech plastic camera called a Holga. Her images made with them on 120 black & white and color film include carnivals, festivals & parades, travel, nature, cityscapes, and portraits. Her images with “real” film cameras include Burning Man, and the series “After the Fire” made in a historic Vashon home.

Stop by to peruse decades worth of images, check out a Holga, talk photography, and page through Michelle’s book, “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity.” Michelle is a sought-after speaker and workshop instructor and loves to share information. Framed and unframed prints, vintage prints, and art cards are available.

5. Weeping Birch Studio

14021 Old Vashon Hwy SW


Chuck Bonsteel, ceramic sculpture

At Weeping Birch Studio you will find a selection of raku fired ceramic sculpture ranging from life-size owls and ravens to large decorative platters. Raku firing is an ancient Japanese technique developed to produce one of a kind cups for tea ceremonies. It is an unpredictable process during which the piece is pulled from the kiln while still hot, covered in sawdust and then removed to be quenched in cold water making the glaze on each sculpture entirely unique.


6. Brenno Studio

9850 SW 148th St.


BrennoStudio combines the blown glass work of Brian Brenno and the ceramic work of Tara Brenno.The artists met while attending California College of Arts and Craft in 1985. In 1997 they started Brian Brenno Blown Glass on Vashon Island, Washington. In 2005 they built a glass / ceramic studio where they both could work. Since then they have exhibited together as BrennoStudio, each developing their own lines of work. Brian’s blown glass work includes his Lollipop Flowers, Garden Flowers, and his recycled glass Garden Pendants adding year round color for the home or garden. Tara’s hand-built ceramic bowls and vases include intricate, vibrant hand glazed patterns and colors. Her sgraffito style vases evoke images of nature and birds.


7. Ravensong Farm Studio

12202 SW 153rd St.


Lynanne Raven - Printmaker 

Inspired by nature, colorful and vibrant limited edition drypoint prints.
Birds, bees, flora and fauna.
Also beeswax candles and art cards.


8. Glass Heart Sand Engraved Glass

15631 Westside Hwy SW


Silvija Paza has been sandblasting designs in glass since 1985, from traditional geometric designs of her Latvian heritage to images from the magical natural world of Vashon Island, her home since 1979. Herons, frogs and salmon are sandblasted onto vases, bowls, beer and coffee mugs. She also sandblasts glass using real leaves, ferns, cedar and hemlock to create her “Forest Shadows” pieces with delicate silhouettes of the leaves on a frosted background.
The tour is a chance to visit Silvija’s studio where she creates the work. It’s right next to the Old Colvos Store with the gas pump out front, which is her home and a King County historic landmark on the Westside Highway.

You can also find her work at the Swiftwater Gallery in lovely downtown Vashon.

(206) 567-4228

9. John Woodard's Studio

11619 SW Cove Rd.


As one drives west on Cove Rd., John Woodard's Studio is located at the third house on the left, after crossing Cove Rd. and 115th. There are two
parking areas; the driveway next to the gray house and the next driveway on the left. John's watercolor resists are created from still-lives and natural landscapes. The imagery of his oil paintings come from his dreams, feelings and thoughts. Pen and inks are contour line drawings which are portraits and figures. Everyone is welcome. Payment in cash or by check. Thank you.


10 Allison Crain Trundle

9929 SW Bank Road Vashon - Inside the Modi Building


Allison Crain Trundle's paintings on canvas range from large estuary abstract landscapes to medium and small-sized canvases full of organic shapes (some enlarged microscopic particles and creatures), including earth strata, rocks, sky, and water. Featuring flowing lines and a rich palette that aims to evoke connections with the natural world, her work is influenced by her childhood explorations of woods and farmland, as well as her experiences living on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Her work reflects a deep appreciation for being outside. She currently resides on Vashon Island with her partner, children, and beloved four-legged family members, where she continues to explore the intersection of nature and art. Discover more about her work at

(206) 250-3427

11. Valise Gallery

17633 Vashon Highway SW


Valise gallery is one of the island's delights. Valise is a collective gallery that combines fine art and individuality. Our motto is "Vashon Artists Linked in Social Engagement."

Valise has monthly exhibitions that are creative and timely. From a one person show to the entire collective showing, each participant has a voice that is singular. There are thirteen artists each using classic materials such as, oil or acrylic paints, photography, found objects and mixed media.

Long before roadside paperback book kiosks, with take one give one, Valise Gallery installed a give one, take one small artworks, on the outside of the building.

Visit us online at And visit us in person at 17633 Vashon Hwy. SW, next to Gravy Restaurant.

12. Swiftwater Gallery

17600 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon, WA 98070


Swiftwater Gallery is a Vashon-Maury artists collective located in the heart of town with over 50 artists. The gallery showcases a wide variety of beautifully crafted art including original paintings, hand-pulled prints, etchings, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, mosaics, photography and more. Some of our artists can only be seen at Swiftwater Gallery, while others are also on tour at different studios. Come see them all!

The gallery is centrally located in the heart of downtown near many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Swiftwater Gallery is fully run by our artists and provides a dynamic marketplace for Island artists to showcase their art year-round.

To see our list of artists please visit


13. Angela Lewis Fine Art @ Anu Rana's Tea Shop

17610 Vashon Hwy #1531


Angela Lewis is a painter working in oils, watercolor and goauche. Subjects are landscapes and figures, both plein air and studio.


14. WabiSabi Studios

17913 McLean Rd SW


Alex Echevarria - Concrete and mosaic sculpture
Jean Echevarria - Reduction Woodcut Prints

WabiSabi Studios is the home base of artists Jean and Alex Echevarria. Influenced by Asian aesthetics, their work will charm your home and garden.

Alex creates sculptural creatures, small pavers, and other garden art. Larger pieces are free carved from semi-cured concrete, while smaller works are carved in clay and recast in concrete to be safe for all environments.
Some of his pieces are also covered in intricate mosaic designs.

Jean's work includes woodcut prints and individually hand printed cards. She works in the multi-color reduction method and prints all works by hand, using a Japanese baren rather than a press. This makes each print within
an edition slightly different from the others.


15. Jennifer Hawke Studio

18531 Beall Rd SW


Jennifer Hawke: assemblage & watercolors
Rachel LordKenaga: oil paintings & tarot cards
Mary McGinnis: mushroom sculptures & miniatures

Jennifer Hawke Studios is in the historical Beall Greenhouses, next to the well-known Quartermaster press.
Located deep within an industrial wasteland of abandoned greenhouses, come be surprised by the delights in this hidden jewel box.

Jennifer Hawke will be showing her large scale assemblage work of beach trash & vintage detritus. The textures and patina of her work suspend time and place with the poignant use of object & surface. Also included will be the island favorite Bearded Lady Road Report T-shirts, and travel mugs.

Rachel LordKenaga will be showing her new tarot deck created from her paintings: rich fields of color floating in oil paint reflecting a complex interior world. Her small intimate sculptures speak of whimsical architecture and personality.

Mary McGinnis, debuting on this tour, will show previously unseen fantastic fantasy mushrooms and magical miniatures. Created from vintage doll furniture and found objects and naturally collected ephemera.

This working studio is packed with oddities and wondrous collections. A curio cabinet mixed in amongst the tools, works in progress, all bathed in the warm light from the clerestory above. A working woodstove to toast your toes, and a feast for your eyes.

(206) 422-8969

16. Logan Price Studio

18531 Beall Rd SW


Logan is showing photographic prints from a multi-year project in Alaska, shot over four seasons while working on a wooden boat in the fishing industry. His photos in standard and medium format (large prints) document natural beauty with the goal of bringing mood and design to interior space. Large and small prints will be available. There will also be a few smaller format photos, taken while freediving the cold water of the Alaskan panhandle archipelago.

This will be the first showing of this work.

(206) 234-1060

17. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery

10524 SW 188th St.


  • Rose Belknap - oil paintings
  • Lynn McClain offers mono prints and linocut prints reflecting the natural world of Washington state.
  • Celtic and nature-themed bas-relief bronze sculptures and etched glass vessels by Lindsay Hart and Jeff White.
  • Ceramics by Kedar Mankad
  • Woven tapestries and baskets by Barbara Gustafson


18. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep

19028 Vashon Hwy SW


I love painting portraits. When a painting on my easel looks back at me, I get a thrill. Every May I have a portrait exhibit on Vashon Island during the VIVA Spring Studio Tour. This year’s exhibit is called: “FACING OUR QUEER COMMUNITY, Celebrating LGBTQ+ Vashonites.” I decided I need to get to know this beautiful part of our population by painting their portraits. From youngsters exploring their sexual orientation to gay and lesbian couples who’ve been together for decades, these brave souls have so much to teach us. It’s been a true joy painting these beautiful people.

Besides oil paintings, there will also be prints and cards of still lifes, interiors, landscapes and Vashon scenes offered in Dig Deep Gardens’ beautiful greenhouse gallery. Come explore the gardens and the art!


Raised in Spokane, Washington, Pam Ingalls was first inspired by her parents, artists Richard and Marjorie Ingalls. She studied art at the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy and earned an art degree from the art department that her father began at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.

After exploring a few side paths—among them, walking 7000 miles for peace and building a house—Pam returned to her painting passion under the mentorship of Russian Impressionist, Ron Lukas. Her widely collected, award-winning work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa, and juried into more than 125 national and international shows.


19. Vashon Center for the Arts

19600 Vashon Hwy SW


VCA is hosting the 7th annual Vashon Island Visual Artists’ (VIVA) Member Show. This exhibition, dedicated to exclusively to VIVA Members, is juried and curated by VIVA and boasts art representing over 80 artists. VIVA's mission is to connect artists to each other and the community, to support the needs of their members personally and artistically, to empower creativity through education and exhibition, and to preserve the artistic culture fundamental to our Island community.

Vashon longtime resident and fine jewelry craftsman, Eric Heffelfinger, has created exquisite new works for his spring collection showing in VCA’s Gallery Shop. The collection includes earrings, cuff bracelets, chains and pendants from gold and/or silver. “I cast my first piece of jewelry when I was 15 years old. Now, some 55 years and over 5,000 pieces of jewelry later, I get the same sense of excitement as the centrifuge spins the molten metal from the crucible into the mold as I got those many years ago, casting my first piece of jewelry. The basic technique I have used in the 54 years that I have been a goldsmith is lost wax casting. Fabrication, when needed, is done afterward. The goal of my designs is to be fluid rather than sharp edged.”  


20. Roots & Dreams Studio

12028 SW Cemetery Road


Renée Marceau is an artist, farmer, and seeker of patterns. By exploring and making connections between seemingly unconnected objects through shape, color, texture and pattern, she reveals the hidden threads and symbols that dwell just beneath the physical world. Her assemblages elevate these connections and strives to capture the tension between nature’s vulnerability and it’s strength while reflecting its symbolism in our lives. Like nature, we face the tenuous edge of vulnerability and impermanence. In her view, we are not separate from nature. We are nature.

Estavan Roaché began his journey with clay at age five on a sunny day as he was unknowingly initiated into his future life through the alchemy of tasting the clay earth. After completing his MFA in Ceramics at the UW, he launched his professional career of teaching, making an artistic tile line, completing multiple public art mosaic installations, and creating sculptures and pottery. The process of working with clay and being guided by dreams and imagination are what ignites Estavan’s creative spirit. His sculptural work explores dream characters and often leads to new stories and insights into his personal and the collective mythology. His interest in tracking clay from its earth origin to finished product, fuels his artistry in traditional clay processes from throwing tea bowls to making bricks.

Estavan and Renee built Roots & Dreams Studio on their property to house each of their creative endeavors and to manifest a lifelong dream of both independent and collaborative artistry.

21. 3 Potters Studio

12714 SW Cemetery Rd.


Working together for many years, we fill the studio with ceramic art, each potter with our own style. 

Liz throws colorful pots as mugs, cups, pasta bowls, plates, serving bowls, teapots, and on,  and builds bowls and cups. 

Karen throws classic stoneware tableware and builds her garlic-keeps.

Marla continues to hand-build porcelain ware, oven-to-table servers, and stoneware lanterns. 

Our ceramic art is art to be used every day, made by serious potters who make art functional.






22. Laurie Thorpe Ceramics

19511 131st Ave SW


I aim to create functional pots that express quiet utility, look beautiful in any setting, and add a sense of comfort and quality to daily rituals.
I make hand-built vessels from slabs and coils, and I fire my pots in both soda reduction and oxidation.
My work shows evidence of my relationship with the clay during the building process.

23. S. Marotta Pottery

13710 SW 220th St


Stephanie Marotta, Pottery
Tory Grove, Pottery

S.Marotta Pottery is ‘Unique Pottery to Enjoy Every Day.’ Originally from Pennsylvania, Stephanie Marotta was influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement and traditional colonial crafts, especially pottery. Inspired by the joy of cooking and sharing meals with her family, much of her work is focused on food preparation and serving. Currently working in both stoneware and porcelain, Stephanie is producing a variety of items including whisking bowls, sake sets, butter dishes and Vashon Island coffee mugs.

Fueled by her passion for the craft and her relocation to art-friendly Vashon Island, Stephanie has had the opportunity to delve into her craft in earnest. Her focus is to create the finished look of a reduction fired piece using an electric kiln. Her goal is to create functional pottery that is affordable and comfortable to use on a daily basis. Fired to over 2150 degrees Fahrenheit, all S.Marotta Pottery pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Tory Grove (pictured at bottom) has been studying abstract painting since 1988. She studied at The Brentwood Art Center in Brentwood, CA, UCLA, Santa Ynez, CA, Ventura CA., Cornwall, UK and Vashon Island, WA under Stephanie Marotta.

In 2015 Tory fell in love with the texture of clay between her fingers and fused her passion for abstract painting with her newfound fervor for hand building. Her pottery process requires her to fire her pieces multiple times so she can get the color and textures she is seeking. Every piece is one of a kind.

24. Jeff Good Watercolors

14208 SW Lisabeula Rd

Come visit my waterfront art studio and experience this tranquil setting where I teach and create my my art in watercolor. There is space to linger near the garden as well as visit with me in my studio about my process and view dozens of my paintings, many of Vashon scenes. I look forward to seeing you.

Parking is best as parallel along Lisabeula Rd or the two accessible spaces at the end of our driveway. Look for the directional signage.

(214) 802-8921

25. Baskets! Margaret Smith

22908 Carey Rd SW


Margaret Smith has been a fiber artist since childhood on Orcas Island, when she and her sisters made clothing out of maple leaves.

On Vashon in the 70s and 80s, Margaret spun and dyed wool with a group of like minded souls. She knit over 100 colorful sweaters, vests and ponchos “custom made to fit your persona”.

For the last 30 years Margaret has been a basketmaker, inspired by native Salish baskets seen in a museum. “It felt like my body was being plucked like a harp”.

Her first teacher, Melany Berry, sent Margaret out to gather cattails to begin. That winter a storm felled a huge cedar tree right next to the road in Cedarhurst. They spent many hours astride the tree extracting cedar bark with hammers and chisels. Ideally cedar bark is pulled from a live tree when the sap is running.

Her beautiful basketmaking workshop is located in the woods on Vashon Island. The baskets are crafted using locally gathered barks, roots, grasses, rushes, vines and lichen.

Margaret has experimented and taken classes from many Native teachers including Anna Jefferson [Lummi], Richard Cultee [Skokomish], Karen Reed [Puyallup], June Ward [Makah], Holly Churchill [Haida], and Audrey Armstrong [Athabaskan] with special inspiration from Ed Carrierre [Suquamish]. Other teachers include JoAnn Hart, Jennifer Lee and Margaret Mathewson.


26. Rachel Fritz Watson Studio

23616 147th Ave SW


At my studio, you will see contemporary realist oil paintings as well as watercolors. Vivid color, pattern, and attention to detail are elements throughout all of the works.

I use classical oil painting techniques to create portraits and other representational images with a high level of detail and realism. I draw inspiration from life around me and little moments that might pass unnoticed: the way light shines on a face, the folds of a colorful fabric, or simply, a moment I want to remember. They are every day glimpses of people in my life as well as images from traveling and living abroad.

The watercolors are an ongoing series of whimsical patterned, colorful fish I've encountered in my travels with similarly patterned, colorful backgrounds. Originals are available in addition to giclee prints and greetings cards.

(206) 349-5909

27. Wm Henri

23830 Vashon Highway


Working studio and gallery featuring contemporary leather sculptures and fine leather fashion accessories. Leather is my main medium - it tells me a story, and I bring it out.     

My new studio is the old Burton Post Office, where I'm creating leather-based sculpture and assemblage, as well as other leather goods based on decades working in the medium.      A passion for history and the cowboy period in the American West initially drew me to the techniques and aesthetics that are the foundation of my work. My commercial designs have been used in fashion, advertising, television and film; other creations are in private collections and museums.    This new body of work is a true departure for me and a real boundaries and 35 years of technique I can run with. I'm having a blast with these sculptures. And they seem to appeal to the hearts and sense of humor of those who stop by to see them.   


<!-- -->

28. Zuzko Jewelry

23707 Vashon Hwy. SW


Zuzana Korbelarova, sterling silver and gold jewelry

ZUZKO’s handcrafted sterling silver and gold jewelry is designed and fabricated from beginning to end by a small family team, right here on Vashon.

The kinetic designs are inspired by simple modern lines, different textures of hammered metal and handpicked gemstones in multitude of colors. Movement and wearability are at the core of each design.

Zuzko has been selling to museums and galleries around the country for the last 10 years and you can find something for every budget and occasion.

To see the newest designs and gems come visit the studio…there is always a special selection of designs and gems that are not available at the galleries or online!


29. Studio w.o.w/ Bill Jarcho

21508 Tramp Harbor Rd. SW


Bill Jarcho/ Studio w.o.w
Whimsically Odd Works
Assemblages, Paintings, and Sculptures

I have always been drawn to the whimsical and weird side of things. From discovering Mad magazine, and George Pal Puppetoons as a kid to later falling in love with the world of independent animation, Monty Python’s, Mummenschanz, graphic novels, and the work of Shel Silverstein, Saul Steinberg, Alexander Calder, and Red Grooms (to name just a few). My work has always had a similar irreverent spirit.

Throughout my 40 years in the Arts, I have worn a lot of hats. I have been an animation director/creative director and co-owner at Olive Jar Studios in Boston, where we produced TV commercials, music videos, and station IDs for companies like MTV, Nickelodeon, and ABC-TV, along with short films that played in international film festivals. Later, I was a director at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, directing episodes of “The PJs”, an animated TV series created by Eddie Murphy. I’ve been a creator and performer of giant puppets and puppet shows with my ex-company Zambini Brothers. More recently, I was the director of The Conscious Cartoons International Animation Festival. In between some of this, I designed and directed many animated pieces for Committee for Children as well as my own short, animated films.

I left that all behind 4 years ago and am now focused on making sculptures, paintings, and assemblages, which I show at VALISE Gallery. Additionally, I’ve been working on writing and illustrating my children’s books under my nom de plume; William J. Zambini.


30. MiniHarbor Studio

8215 SW 216th St


Welcome to MiniHarbor Studio by solo artist Cheryl Muonio. I experiment with a variety of mediums, my current love being mixed-media acrylic paintings. I started painting in 2018 and delight in witnessing the evolution a painting takes from start to finish.

I’m self-taught and paint intuitively. I view my work as a conversation infused with love and care, each piece being an open-hearted dialogue – an invitation to bring your own emotions, memories, and experiences to the conversation or reflection. On my textured canvases you’ll find layers of affection, fragments of personal stories, and echoes of our shared love for the natural world – all waiting for you to explore and connect with.

I also delight in working with natural materials like wool and tussah silk to create both wet felted and needled felted fiber works.

Located facing Tramp Harbor, pop in to MiniHarbor Studio to enjoy both the view of the water and the art, share some conversation, and peruse the items I have for sale – including both original works and high-quality giclée prints.


31. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio

23115 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Paintings, prints, ceramics, cards, scarves

Cathy Sarkowsky Studio offers a wide range of sizes and prices of vibrant paintings, prints, ceramics, scarves, cards, etc. Sarkowsky's primarily nonrepresentational work is known for truly masterful use of color and composition.

Her hand built stoneware ceramics are funky, colorful and useful. Scarves are printed from high quality digital images of her paintings and sell out quickly. She even has a few fabulous tote bags and zipper bags.

Sarkowsky is inspired by the natural and built world around her, which shows up in her use of subject matter, color, texture and pattern. Sarkowsky has shown her art work for over 30 years and currently shows at Seattle Art Museum Gallery and Vashon Center for the Arts. One of her paintings can currently be seen at The Tacoma Art Museum.

Come say hello and see her beautiful studio and work!


32. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art

23514 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Ilse Reimnitz watercolor, printmaking, original art cards
Hartmut Reimnitz oil paintings
Gunter Reimnitz metal sculptures

Ilse's artwork has been exhibited nationally and regionally, including the Frye Art Museum and Bellevue Art Museum. Ilse has received numerous awards and is a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and the Women Painters of Washington. Ilse's vibrant watercolors inspired by her gardens, colorful monotype prints created with innumerable layers of texture , shapes and color to hopefully unite the human spirit with the natural world. Art cards and original art cards by Ilse.

Oil paintings by Hartmut ; a large part of his life spend outdoors observing the beauty and energy while fishing in Alaska enjoys painting the environment around him. He has shown his work in galleries in the Northwest.

Steel sculptures of the Northwest wildlife by Gunter ; Self employed, works full time in his Studio in Port Townsend. He is showing his work throughout the Northwest including the Northwest Flower and Garden Show at the Convention Center ,Seattle . Gunter creates iconic steel sculptures, forging and welding them into gestural works of art.

The Reimnitz Family has lived for over 40 years on Vashon Island, teaching watercolor and monotype printmaking workshops in their studio. The studio opens twice a year during the Vashon Island studio Tour VIVA. Welcome!


33. Dockton Pottery

25913 99th Ave. SW


9 ARTISTS !!! Gale Lurie-functional & raku pottery, Yuchen Lin-incredible soaps, Zoe Cheroke-hand painted cards, Steve Silva-wood & glass lanterns, Sharon Munger-beautiful alcohol ink paintings, Christie Penning-casual jewelry, Lee Cattarin- leather goods & original prints, Gail Hapeman- stained glass hangings, steppingstones, etc., Jan Kittleson- exotic fabric pillows, scarves, etc. Some former Waterworks folks are here now.


34. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio

9925 SW 260th St.


Lisa Witherspoon - Metal wire and Czech glass beaded jewelry, decoupage, painted wooden mushrooms

Lisa Witherspoon's artistic expression roots back to her Vashon upbringing. The influential figure in her life was her grandmother, Theresa, a versatile creative spirit with a penchant for gardening and painting. It became a source of her inspiration.

In her Vashon High School years, under the teachings of her art teacher, Martha Woodard. Martha's mentorship became a positive force providing the supportive environment needed to nurture her creative ideas. Under Martha's guidance, Lisa's artistic ambitions found a confidence to flourish and evolve.

After raising three children and navigating the pandemic, Lisa, alongside her husband, transformed a modest Dockton garden shed into a sanctuary of creativity-The Jewel Box Studio. This intimate art studio became her haven, offering a retreat where she could immerse herself in the realms of imagination and artistic expression. Here, Lisa's spirit found solace and freedom, allowing her to explore and bring to life the visions that had been percolating within her.

Lisa's artistic palette comes alive with the vibrant hues of Czech glass beads, sterling silver, and copper wire, to produce distinct pieces of eye-catching jewelry. Beyond metal and beads, her artistic touch extends to painted wooden mushrooms and decoupage seashells, each piece a testament to her deep inspiration drawn from the realms of nature and fantasy. Described as a captivating fusion of Miss Spider stories and the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland, Lisa's creations transcend conventional boundaries. These offerings present a unique and enchanting blend of the magical, the natural, and some darkness and humor.


35. Dockton Art Studio

26309 97th Avenue SW


Welcome to Dockton Art Studio, a new studio completed just in time for the 2024 Spring Tour.

Barbara Benedetti Newton has been a full-time artist since 1992. Now back on the island after 35 years away, she will be sharing her most recent paintings. Also, for the first time are framed and unframed pieces from her Collection of the Artist.

Landscape scenes, both real and imagined, are Barbara’s favorite subject for pastel which has been her primary medium for more than twenty years. Oil or acrylic is her preferred medium for still life work and florals.

Postcards, notecards and archival reproductions of original art will also be offered at the Tour.

You’ll find Dockton Art Studio on 97th Ave SW, within walking distance of Dockton Marina on Maury Island. Look for the long brown wood rail fence with driveway entrance. Parking is near the studio.


36. Old Dockton Press

9911 SW 265th St


The Old Dockton Press studios features traditional linocut pieces, reductive linocut prints, and block prints.

You’ll find framed originals on our walls. But you’ll also find fine art prints and cards, hand printed cards and notebooks, handmade stickers, and lovely canvas bags. There is something for everyone and at every price range.

We’ll have a cozy outdoor fire going. You can chat with the artist. OH…and you can see….wait for it….

...Vashon’s only ART VENDING MACHINE. It contains tiny prints and STICKERS--all handmade by a real live human in an art studio here on Vashon Island. No matter which one you choose-a tiny print Or a STICKER or both, I'll bet it will bring you joy.

You should stop by. It's only a dollar. Four little quarters. We can make change.

What else can you buy for a $1 these days? Practically nothing. Maybe a lotto ticket..? And then what do you end up with at the end? Art? No.

Come on BY and buy some tiny art. Really.

Do it.


37. Gretchen Hancock Paintings

28405 101st Ave SW


Don’t miss this stop at the south end of Maury Island. Gardens, gorgeous view and beautiful oil paintings, framed and unframed. Subject matter includes views of ferries, scenes of Vashon, madrona trees, and small still lives.


(206) 719-4257