Bob Horsley

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Bob Horsley – Artist Statement

Bob Horsley moved to Vashon from Georgia / South Carolina with his wife, Kathleen Webster in 1988. He received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Georgia in 1980. Bob and Kathleen moved to Vashon due to its rural character and close proximity to beautiful natural surroundings. They have a twenty nine year old daughter (Nelle Horsley), who resides in Seattle. Since living on Vashon, Bob has held his own Landscape Architectural private practice in Seattle and now on Vashon for 27 years.

Bob’s interest, outside family and profession are tied to fitness (rowing, bicycling), natural history and art. He started painting with watercolors in 2006 while traveling. Since then, he has continued to use painting as a visual journal for his travels. Each painting is created plein air and within a short time frame (1-2 hours). This spontaneous creation is intended to express a visceral sense of place and time, not to create precious exacting pictorial images. Bob works in watercolor, and acrylic. He uses a small packable watercolor kit and a traveling pochade for acrylic works. A few of the artists that inspire his work are: the Group of Seven, Winslow Homer and John Cole.