VIVA Holiday Tour 2022

December 3-4 & 10-11, 2022

Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am – 4 pm

There are 38 studios and galleries featuring over 80 artists on the tour.

Click or tap on a dot on the map below for details about that location.

PLEASE NOTE: The tour will follow all CDC and Washington State COVID guidelines. Individual studios or galleries may require visitors to wear a mask.



Holiday 2022 Tour Map
38. Handmade On Vashon 1. Lisa Betz Art 2. S. Marotta Pottery 3. Brian Fisher Studio 4. Margaret Baskets, Lipke Paintings 5. Zuzko Jewelry 6. H.A. & Co. 7. Wm Henri/Seek Adventure Co. 8. Valerie Willson Studio 9. Penny Grist & Janice Mallman 10. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio 11. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art 12. Gretchen Hancock Paintings 13. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio 14. Dockton Pottery 15. Rose Belknap Studio 16. Donnelly-Austin Photography 17. Steven Ellis Studio 18. The Willingham Weavery 19. Bergstrom Studio/GRACE GOW Jewelry 20. 3 Potters Studio 21. Vashon Center for the Arts 22. Dig Deep Gardens Gallery 23. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep 24. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery 25. Quartermaster Press 26. WabiSabi Studios 27. B Squared Studio 28. Allison Crain Trundle Art 29. Ravensong Farm Studio 30. John Woodard's Studio 31. Reitz-Green Studio 32. Earth Sky Studio 33. Studio Colvos 34. GRB Bells 35. Erin Schulz Studio 36. Brenno Studio 37. Morgan Brig Studio

38. Handmade On Vashon

10744 SW 110th St.

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Featuring 12+ Handmade On Vashon artists - Handmade Jewelry, Photography, Fine Crafts, Hand-painted Santa Ornaments, Greeting Cards, Prints, Handcrafted Soaps & More!

Handmade on Vashon is an online store launched in 2021 to promote and sell the works created by Vashon Island Artists/Makers. This tour stop allows us to bring our online shop to you live and in person! Participating artists: Brian Fisher (Greeting Cards & Prints), Pam Ingalls (Greeting Cards), Michael Elenko (Photography), Danny Kopsak (Cut Paper & Santa Ornaments), Pamela Wickard (Multimedia), Lin's Vegan Soap (Handmade Soaps), Michelle Friars (Greeting Cards & Prints), Cat McCadden (Jewelry), Annette Messitt (Greeting Cards & Prints), Lynn McClain (Greeting Cards & Prints), Michael Darr (Greeting Cards), Ralph Moore (Wooden Cutting Boards), Molly Green (Toddler Dresses) & Brooke Gassiot (Original Paintings, Greeting Cards & Prints).


1. Lisa Betz Art

12931 SW 300th St.


Mixed media mosaics with handmade ceramics
and found objects. Also bohemian style jewelry with
handcrafted beads, mixed metals, and leather.


2. S. Marotta Pottery

26321 Pillsbury Rd. SW


S.Marotta Pottery, Wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery, porcelain, and stoneware

Unique Pottery to Enjoy Every Day. S. Marotta Pottery creates functional wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery. Using porcelain and Stoneware clay bodies and a cohesive palate of glazes, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your home or to gift. Mugs, salt pigs, sake sets, butter dishes, bowls, and much more.
S.Marotta Pottery is a small production studio and pottery school. In addition to the selection available in the studio, you can find exclusively made products at Giraffe, Little Bird Gardens, and Herban Bloom in the heart of Vashon. We also accept special orders including dinnerware sets and one-of-a-kind pieces.
Situated on the banks of beautiful Quartermaster Harbor, S.Marotta Pottery is a destination unto itself.
Visit us, enjoy the view, and meet the artist, Stephanie Marotta. Take home a piece of pottery and a piece of Vashon.


3. Brian Fisher Studio

23520 147th Ave. SW


Welcome to Brian Fisher Studio where you will see linocuts, monotypes, etchings, and digital fine art prints, as well as art cards and colorful sculpture for your home and garden.    Brian welcomes questions about process and the story behind each image and thinks, “The next best thing too making art is talking about art!”  Brian says, “My art has its’ origin in story. The story may be personally relevant, but often falls within the realm of classical myth and stories that encompass how our world came to be, who we are, what happens when we die and because we live now in this moment in time… what is our purpose?”


4. Margaret Baskets, Lipke Paintings

22908 Carey Rd. SW


Margaret Smith  baskets,  Richard Lipke acrylic paintings on canvas

Margaret Smith has been a basketmaker since 1992, always preferring to gather her own materials including roots, branches, barks, stems, rushes, grass, vines and lichen For the first 16 years the kitchen was the workshop, now there is the luxury of beautiful dedicated space for weaving, storage and display. Richard Lipke will be showing his latest abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. He has been painting professionally for over 50 years.


5. Zuzko Jewelry

23707 Vashon Hwy. SW


Zuzana Korbelarova, sterling silver and gold jewelry

ZUZKO’s handcrafted sterling silver and gold jewelry is designed and fabricated from beginning to end by a small family team, right here on Vashon. The kinetic designs are inspired by simple modern lines, different textures of hammered metal and handpicked gemstones in multitude of colors. Movement and wearability are at the core of each design.  Zuzko has been selling to museums and galleries around the country for the last 10 years and you can find something for every budget and occasion. To see the newest designs and gems come visit the studio…there is always a special selection of designs and gems that are not available at the galleries or online!


6. H.A. & Co.

24012 Vashon Hwy. SW


H.A. & CO is a modern mercantile with an eclectic west coast artisan feel, light infused with bursts of color, and bohemian vibes. Located on Vashon highway in the neighborhood of Burton, the store features an eclectic mix of local artists with ceramics made by Heidi Anderson, illustration by Kate Endle, as well as jewelry by Susan Meir, Grace Gow and Margo Tantau. You will find a curated collection of apparel, apothecary and home goods from artisans and designers we admire, offering goods that focus on beautifully crafted hand made products and stocked with textiles, baskets, jewelry, clothes, candles, wood works and art. We like to think of ourselves as a gathering space not just a store and first Friday events are often part of the mix, with food made to order by Old Chaser Farm and seasonal cocktails on offer. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi.

7. Wm Henri/Seek Adventure Co.

Fine leather accessories and exquisite
leather sculpture. Unique, high-quality leather
pet accessories and related items.

23830 Vashon Highway



8. Valerie Willson Studio

22418 98th Ave. SW


Still life photos,  beautiful prints, etchings and drawings.


9. Penny Grist & Janice Mallman

8620 SW. Quartermaster Drive


Penny Grist - watercolor paintings, coiled baskets     Janice Mallman - paper collage, mosaics, night lights, cards, painted rocks

When the first year of Covid hit, Penny Grist and Janice Mallman, artist friends for over 4o years holed up in Penny's studio. Penny would sit at one end of the studio grappling with learning to make coiled baskets. She incorporated her love of vibrant colors that were previously seen in her watercolor paintings. At the other end of the studio, Janice began her foray into the world of mosaic art with Penny's encouragement and her many years of working with tiles. For this year's tour, Penny will have her exquisite coiled baskets as well as affordable watercolor paintings. Janice will show new mosaics for the wall, night lights, paper collage and cards using translucent Japanese papers and her latest obsession with painted rocks.


10. Cathy Sarkowsky Studio

23115 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Colorful, vibrant paintings and prints,
handbuilt ceramics, and gorgeous
scarves. Oh! And cards!


11. Reimnitz Studio One Family's Art

23514 Kingsbury Rd. SW


Vibrant watercolors, colorful monotype
prints, and original art cards by Ilse.
Oil paintings by  Hartmut.
Wildlife steel sculptures by Gunter.


12. Gretchen Hancock Paintings

28405 101st Ave. SW


Come to the south end of Maury Island to see colorful oil paintings by Gretchen Hancock.  Small paintings of the ferries from Vashon, Southworth, and Tahlequah; scenes of Vashon and of the Northwest;  and still lifes of fruits and vegetables and flowers from my garden.  And a few larger paintings of the madronas from my yard.


13. L Witherspoon Jewel Box Studio

9925 SW 260th St.


Handmade slow fashion jewelry using
predominantly Czech glass beads, copper,
silver, and found items. Colorful
decoupage mushrooms, shells,
and more.


14. Dockton Pottery

25913 99th Ave. SW


8 Artists in one stop! Art photography,
paintings, casual jewelry, wooden bowls, stained glass,
yard art, pottery, cards, and books.


15. Rose Belknap Studio

10039 1/2 SW Dock St.


Please join three old friends, 45plus years, celebrate our friendship and a chance to be together again for two Holiday weekends.

Rose Belknap 

Oil Paintings, depict the light of the Northwest, whether coming through the trees, bouncing off the water or coloring the sky. I try to capture the light and the stunning scenery of this region.

Irene Otis

Iconic tiles, generations of families have grown up with these gentle reminders of love and connection, also Irene’s necklaces: rich, light, meditations on color.

Kathy Raines

Handmade sterling silver jewelry. Each piece is crafted with a sense of fun, and elegance. Adapting traditional weaving and chain maille patterns to new forms, adding gemstones to accentuate the beauty of the pieces.


16. Donnelly-Austin Photography

21820 Vashon Hwy. SW


We’re proud to offer our beautiful
and stimulating photographic images – traditionally framed,
mounted on wood panels, or
printed on canvas.


17. Steven Ellis Studio

20610 Vashon Hwy SW


I am selling original oil/cold wax paintings
that are abstract and landscape based.


18. The Willingham Weavery

10315 SW 204th St.


Handwoven scarves, towels, rugs, blankets, bags, hats & ornaments.

Participants include:

Kelli Brooke
Lisa Brown
Jan Frost
Peggy Queary
Sharon Schoen
Nancy van Roessel
Myra Willingham
Sue Willingham
Robin Webber


19. Bergstrom Studio/GRACE GOW Jewelry

12814 SW 220th St.


Presenting ceramicART and sheepPal footstools.
GRACE GOW presents ocean-inspired jewelry,
and barnacle gold rings, earrings, and necklaces.


20. 3 Potters Studio

12714 SW Cemetery Rd.


Liz's colorful earthenware, Karen's classic stoneware, Marla's handbuilt porcelain vessels.  3 distinctive styles, by longtime potters, all under 1 roof.  It's art to be used every day.






21. Vashon Center for the Arts

19600 Vashon Hwy SW


VCA Annual Miniature Show and Eric Heffelfinger fine jewelry collection

Vashon Center for the Arts presents its 16th annual Miniature Show. What is both unique for the art enthusiast and challenging for the participating artists is the size limitation for the art. Two-dimensional art is no larger than 36” square inches (including frame) and three-dimensional work similarly limited in size. The collection is as varied as the 75+ artists showing.  Eric Heffelfinger cast his first piece of jewelry at 15yrs old, now, 54 years and 5,000+ jewelry pieces later, he still gets the same sense of excitement as the centrifuge spins the molten metal from the crucible into the mold. His technique, lost wax casting, is combined with a wide range of stones and materials for his fine jewelry collection. He endeavors to incorporate basic materials along with some of the rarest; to honor wood and granite as much as diamond, to place the same value on all our Earth’s resources.  


22. Dig Deep Gardens Gallery

19028 Vashon Hwy SW


Dig Deep Gardens Gallery and Venue has both
indoor and outdoor art display spaces. We feature many mediums & artists.

We also specialize in exquisitely designed
plant containers. 


23. Pam Ingalls @Dig Deep

19028 Vashon Hwy SW


Oil paintings, prints, and
cards of everyday scenes and objects.


24. Outstanding In Its Field Gallery

10524 SW 188th St.


  • Barbara Benedetti Newton creates still-life scenes and landscapes, in either oil, acrylic or pastels.
  • Lynn McClain offers mono prints and linocut prints reflecting the natural world of Washington state.
  • Celtic and nature-themed bas-relief bronze sculptures and etched glass vessels by
    Lindsay Hart and Jeff White.
  • Sophie Ackerman creates ceramic vessels that are beautiful and functional
  • Glass On Vashon offers an array of glass denizens of the deep including orcas, jellyfish and octopus.

The gallery will be also open Dec 17-18, from 10 am - 4 pm.


25. Quartermaster Press

18531 Beall Rd. SW


Sue Hardy – copperplate etchings
Annette Messitt Esq – linocuts
Christina Nichols – collagraphs, etchings, monoprints
Rachael Osborn – collagraphs, monoprints
Deborah Taylor – copperplate etchings, monoprints, woodcuts

Quartermaster Press Studio is a 10-person collective
printmaking studio that has been operating on Vashon
for 29 years. The members may come and go, but the
Ray Trayle etching press that we all use is the heart of
the studio. We are featuring hand-pulled prints, cards
and calendars made with lots of color, creativity and love.
Our one-of-a-kind fine art prints are made using different
printmaking techniques, including collagraphy, copperplate
etching, plexiglass intaglio, linocuts, monoprints, and woodcuts.


26. WabiSabi Studios

17913 McLean Rd SW


Jean Echevarria: reduction woodcut prints & Alex Echevarria: concrete sculpture

WabiSabi Studios is the home base of artists Jean and Alex Echevarria.  Influenced by Asian aesthetics, their work will enhance your home and garden. Jean's work includes reduction woodcut prints and cards.  Alex creates sculptural creatures, as well as pavers and other garden art.


27. B Squared Studio

17625 Beall Rd. SW


Marc Pease Encaustic paintings

360-870-4799, marcpease@comcast. net

28. Allison Crain Trundle Art

9929 SW Bank


Acrylic on canvas


29. Ravensong Farm Studio

12202 SW 153rd St.


Lynanne Raven - Printmaker 

Inspired by nature, colorful and vibrant limited edition drypoint prints. Birds, bees, flora and fauna. Also beeswax candles and art cards.


30. John Woodard's Studio

11619 SW Cove Rd.


Still lifes, landscapes, and figure drawings in oil,
watercolor resist, and pen and ink. Framed  and
unframed works available.


31. Reitz-Green Studio

11325 SW Cove Rd.

Luminous oil paintings, mosaics, and more.


32. Earth Sky Studio

16631 Vashon Hwy


Acrylic paintings and prints of animals,
plants, and their interactions
in nature’s rhythmic dance:
earth and sky magic.

Donna Caulton, Earth Sky Studio


33. Studio Colvos

16722 98th Ave SW


Paintings & sculptures from recycled materials,

34. GRB Bells

15810 Shanahan Rd. SW


Bells wearable as jewelry, decorative and symbolic.
40 years of exploration in miniature sound
sculpture, cast in sterling, bronze and gold.


35. Erin Schulz Studio

14122 Glen Acres Rd. SW


Oil paintings in modern and classical realism
–still life, landscape, portrait, and narratives.


36. Brenno Studio

9850 SW 148th St.


Blown glass for the home and garden, art from recycled
materials, ceramic vases, bowls, and platters.

Ongoing glassblowing demonstrations.


37. Morgan Brig Studio

11509 103rd Ave. SW


Playful and unique clay, metal, wood, and found object figures and animals.