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Artist Statement

“looking to establish myself among the see of all other great artists in the world, my work needs to earmark me for who I am, in the sense that it is solely about my thoughts and explications. My sculptures represent my past, present and future. Interpretations from my ancestry, my life as it is today, and the generations to come.”

“Honing my skills over a decade while under the guidance of world-renowned sculptor Julie Speidel, has led to the discernment that quality of the piece is instrumental to understanding the artists intention with the concept. Naturally my constructs use well-polished stone, fine finished wood, and smooth precious metal to portray the quality of the thought and understanding of the idea behind them.”

“Using abstract and interpretive shapes, my work appeals to the nostalgia and ambitions of the people who choose to see them. As my world changes; the then, the now, the will be; the ideas that find their form and shape will evolve as well.”