Denise Lynch

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Denise Lynch – Artist Statement

“I always wanted to believe what people said, that everyone is creative. So when I retired from decades of teaching and working in social services, I set out to find my inner artist. Having been a lover of textiles and a sewer most of my life, I began my odyssey into fabric arts.

“My first inspiration was the PNW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum in La Conner where I was astounded by a 7-foot polar bear made out of pieces of white fabric. I realized I had the sewing skills to at least attempt to create something similar. Since then, I’ve discovered an exciting subculture of textile arts to feed my curiosity.

“Early on, my piece, Eye of the Thistle, appeared in Quilting Arts magazine. This gave me confidence to try more daring quilts. When the International Mermaid Museum in Westport called for art for their opening, my quilt, My Inner Mermaid, was the only art quilt accepted for the gallery.

“Last year, two of my latest quilts hung at the state fair in Puyallup, one of which, Our Neighborhood, twice received the People’s Choice Award. To date, I have created about a dozen pieces, and I continue to be inspired by the work of talented textile artists and techniques I have yet to attempt.”