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Donna Caulton is an artist who paints from the heart of nature. She has worked in various mediums: printmaking, watercolors, and recently acrylic painting; with elements of collage included in each medium.

After completing her BA in Art at Evergreen in 1981, Donna moved to Seattle where she developed her own language and style in artmaking. She worked with artists Karen Guzak and Joan Ross Bloedel to finely tune her imagery and craft.

While there, Donna exhibited in diverse settings such as Bellevue Art Museum, University of WA, Steven King Gallery, and Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery. She won multiple painting awards during her 30 years in the Pacific NW. Additionally her painting, Raven Moon was purchased for King County Traveling Arts Collection. As WA State Artist-in-Residence Donna taught watercolor classes in the state prisons. She is a signature member of the NW Watercolor Society, and associate member of Women Artists of the West.

In 2007 Donna traveled to New Mexico for a painting fellowship at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos. Subsequently she moved to a small village on the High Road to Taos where she lived for twelve years. The brilliant sky and dramatic landscape encouraged her to switch to acrylic paints. There she worked with a women’s artist group called Creation/Migration, creating and curating exhibitions.

Donna returned to the Pacific NW in 2019. She now lives on Vashon Island and is a member of Vashon Island Visual Artists and Swiftwater Art Gallery Artists’ Collective. Her work, which has been exhibited in Vashon Center for the Arts and was selected for the Mural Project at O-Space, remains deeply rooted in nature’s rhythms, cycles and animal/habitat relationships.