Dot Cherch

Dot Cherch – Artist Statement

Dot Cherch is a Seattle-area illustrator and painter whose work evokes emotions and memories through a focus on the details of ordinary objects and moments in life. Her most recent collection did this through stories of food and the key role that meals have in our relationship with significant people and events. She mostly paints with gouache, and experiments with different types of canvases (her food collection was rendered on reclaimed Pacific Northwest wood).

Dot is a member of the VALISE artist collective and gallery on the island of Vashon in Washington State, and her work is displayed on galleries in Vashon and around Seattle. In addition, Dot does work on commission. Her next gallery show runs January-March 2020 in Seattle.

Dot has degrees in performance and scenic design, and also in illustration. She works out of her studio on Vashon, WA.