Estavan Roaché

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Estavan Roaché – Artist Statement

My entire working life has been centered around clay. I was guided along the way by a series of dreams. Three years after completing my BA in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, I awoke one morning with the dream image of working with clay at the clay studio at Notre Dame! Up to that point in my life, I had never worked with clay. I listened to the dream and fell deeply in love with clay. A few years later, I completed a BFA in ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute, and then an MFA at the University of Washington. In 1983, I established Aruba Pottery & Tile Company to promote the use of ceramics as a creative and therapeutic outlet for all ages and abilities. Over the past 37 yrs, I have taught Aruba clay camps every summer, offered adult classes, created a custom tile line sold throughout the country, and facilitated many public art tile installations in Seattle, Vashon and surrounding communities. Much of my work today is creating large sculptural pieces based on my dreams. During these times, I believe it is essential that we maintain and value our imagination and dreams. I am blessed to be living on land I love with my fellow artist and life partner, Renee, our son Rowan, our dogs Numa & Jasper, and many sheep.