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Karen Fevold – Artist Statement

I started making pottery 17 years ago at community centers in Seattle. After moving to Vashon in 2002, I found Liz Lewis’ classes through VCA and signed up immediately.

Most of my functional work is made with slipped low-fire terracotta that I decorate with the sgraffito technique. I am also currently exploring several forms such as basket vases and garlic keepers in stoneware. I find that I enjoy experimenting with different kinds of clay and decorating techniques, which requires both technical and design problem-solving. This combination of art and science is part of what attracts me to pottery.

In my kitchen cupboards, I have a variety of cups, bowls, and plates made by favorite potters. This gives me art to hold and interact with many times each day, and the variety means that I always have something to fit my mood.

Karen Fevold is a part of the 3 Potters Studio, which is stop #11 on the 2022 VIVA Spring Art Studio Tour, May 7-8 & 14-15, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am – 5 pm.  For more information on the free, self-guided tour and an interactive map, click here.