Kevin Hoffberg

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Kevin Hoffberg – Artist Statement

“Humans have been working wood since at least Neanderthal times and archeologists find evidence of sophisticated wood joinery and finishing dating back at least 5,000 years.

“My fascination with tools, working wood, and in particular wooded boxes is not quite so ancient . . . though I have memories of using a screwdriver when I was two, finding all kinds of uses for cast off boxes from that time, and can definitely recall making wooden boxes in 1977.

“Decades passed, mostly filled with career and family and too little hand work. Moving to Vashon Island in 2012 opened the opportunity to establish a proper wood shop, which supported the practical needs of a small family farm and remodeling four houses.

“In 2022, I was finally ready to create wooden objets d’art, and small “art boxes” seemed the perfect motif. My mental assignment has been to think of different ways of boxing common objects. Dominos and tea bags have been early subjects of consideration. Along the way I’ve tried out ideas and techniques resulting in various non-specific curio boxes.”