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Kris Pedrin – Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Seattle, (specifically Fort Lawton, now Discovery Park). My family moved to Vashon Island from West Seattle in 1985.
My mother enjoyed oil painting and she passed on to me to see beyond the surface of everyday objects. Some of my fondest memories were sitting outside with my mom looking at clouds all the while discussing what animal or other objects that the clouds resembled.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed making photographs. I truly enjoy trying to pass on to the viewer the feelings that I experienced to make me want to stop, set up my camera and depress the shutter button. I enjoy photographing in both black and white and color. My choice of the moment would depend upon the subject. I also truly love the challenge of the print. I enjoy conveying to the viewer what I felt at the time of making the photograph.

I really love a quote (one of many) from Ansel Adams: “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.”

My photography life so far:

  1. 1992 Published posters of 2 black and white photographs of Pioneer Square in the snow for a project to benefit Childhaven.
  2. 1993, Cover photo for a compact disc titled “Northwest Passage” a sampler of Northwest artists.
  3. 1994, inside jacket photo insets, “The Fat James Band Live! At the Central” compact disc.
  4. 1994, Group show at the Benham Gallery in downtown Seattle.
  5. 1998, inside jacket photo insets, Kim Virant, “Signals Crossed and Meanings Lost” compact disc.
  6. Since 1992, various prints have been purchased by corporate and private collectors.
  7. 2009, Group show, POV (Photographers of Vashon), 2 images, at the Blue Heron Gallery, Vashon Washington.
  8. First VCA Artfest at VCA 2018, displayed 8 images, framed print 12931 Dockton Rd SW submitted for the art auction.
  9. VCA Artfest 2019, displayed 4 images, framed print entitled Pergola View 1, Pioneer Square, Seattle December 19, 1990 for the art auction.
  10. 9) VCA art auction 2020, framed print Juniper, Cathedral Rock, Sedona 2017