Lee Cattarin

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Lee Cattarin – Artist Statement

“My mother reminds me, “it started with you putting items you made outside your bedroom door for us to buy.” I’ve been crafting and creating and sharing what I make since I was young. I love to try any craft put in front of me, but at least for right now my primary ones are printmaking, bookbinding, and several fiber arts – knitting, spinning yarn, embroidery and stitchwork. I take inspiration from color, from the natural world, and from queer community and experiences. I also enjoy crafting with a specific person in mind, letting myself be inspired by their unique needs and wants – especially when it comes to creating custom journals and sketchbooks, since years down the line I may get to see the same sketchbook now full of amazing artwork.

“As a newcomer to Vashon, I am in awe of the artistic community here and look forward to many years of growing and learning in such a talented and supportive community. I am excited to connect with artists and patrons alike and brighten your days in any way that I can.”