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Lin Holley – Artist Statement

I’ve worked as both architect and artist for many years, so it might make sense that my dreams are filled with fanciful buildings and temples, and stories about what may have happened there. It feels natural to add human gestures to my temples…perhaps the tall straight way a person stands, the solidity of sitting in meditation, or a group of people in conversation.

My imagery is informed by many pilgrimages to Buddhist sites in Asia, where I find calm and connection to something greater than myself. I love the “smells and bells” of Buddhist temples, and I relive those moments of serenity and timelessness in my work.

I sketch and study the form in drawings before starting a ceramic piece. Sometimes I draw elevations, plans and sections so as to understand how to build the piece and how it will support itself during firing. I often make small models to study the form or full size templates to be used as a guide during construction. My favorite part is color. I use glazes, patinas, acrylic paint, sometimes handmade papers. No rules, just whatever seems true and fun.