Liz Lewis

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Liz Lewis – Artist Statement

Since moving to Vashon in 1986, I have focused on the development of a colorful line of wheel thrown earthenware pottery intended for daily use. I like making forms that are simple and functional, stacking easily in the cupboard. Brightly painted food safe plates, bowls, mugs and tumblers are each unique, yet all related, making them fun to mix and match on the dinner table. For serving and presenting, platters, bakers, pitchers, teapots and vases are bold and festive. I have fun on the banding wheel combining colors in new and dazzling ways, with brushwork that is repetitive but relaxed.

I appreciate the simplicity of electric firing for my functional ware, but like most potters, I do love fire! The process of raku, which has its roots in Zen Buddhism, includes fire, smoke, sweat, and surprise. I love the hands-on involvement this process demands, experimenting with the many variables, sharing the fun with friends and students—the “wow!” of raku. I keep coming back to it!

I sell most of my pots to my neighbors here on the island. Direct sales offer strong connection to my community, invaluable exchanges of ideas, and the opportunity to share the specifics of my craft.

Liz is a part of the 3 Potters Studio, #21 on the 2023 VIVA Holiday Art Studio Tour, Dec 2-3 & 9-10, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am – 4 pm.  For more information on the free, self-guided tour and an interactive map, click here.