Melissa Treharne

Melissa Treharne

M-7 Studios



Melissa Treharne – Artist Statement

I enjoy seeking out unique perspectives in the everyday. I’ve been chasing natural light & seeking out beauty & whimsy in the otherwise ordinary, overlooked, & mundane ever since my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000.

I initially studied black & white analog photography, but have since made the switch to digital photography (shooting in Manual mode).
While I miss those magical hours spent in the darkroom watching my images come to life, I do enjoy the immediacy of digital photography.
I don’t, however, choose to spend much time in post production manipulating my images. Essentially, what I see is what you get!

Nature/wildlife, travel, abstract, & street photography are my current areas of interest. I also love photographing four legged family members. In my opinion, dogs make much better models than humans!