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Pamela Wickard



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Pamela Wickard – Artist Statement

I began working in mixed media, or as I sometimes refer to it ”acrylic collage”, about 18 years ago. I consider myself, self-taught. I combine different kinds of papers and acrylic painting for unique effects.

I live in a beautiful part of the world, and my work is inspired by my surroundings. I love hiking, gardening, photography and just being outdoors. I love texture, color and have always had a fascination with maps and pretty papers.
When I began my mixed media journey, which consisted of papers, found objects and acrylic paint, I wanted to use items that some people may consider trash. My thought was to make something beautiful from discarded objects. In the process, I discovered that each piece could tell a story of its own, with hidden messages. Then, I began exploring with new and different mediums and techniques.

My mixed media collage series allows me to display the many different layers of the world. I hope the viewer will discover the individual beauty/layers of each piece. I hope that my art will evoke individual emotion and experience unique to the viewer