Ric Peterson

Ric Peterson




Ric Peterson – Artist Statement

I started woodcarving and woodturning a few years ago in my shop on Vashon Island, Washington. I had lots of wood in the woodpile, and some big logs that didn’t fit in the woodstove. I began by making wooden spoons, hand carved a few bowls with axes and knives, and thoroughly enjoyed sharpening all my tools. Then I received a lathe in need of some repair, fixed the motor controller and I had a lathe. I have been busy ever since. Woodturning and carving like many endeavors always has a learning curve. The more I turn, the better I get, the more I am excited to learn and refine this craft art.

I have made my living as a commercial photographer http://www.ricpeterson.com for many years, and now have another passion to share.