Draw Me a Story: Visualizing the Written Word

A NEW WORKSHOP FOR ILLUSTRATORS By Lynn McClain at Judd Creek Ranch Learn the illustrator’s art of presenting a story in pictures, challenging the viewer to think past the obvious images in the text, lyric or poem. Bring an idea to work with! (Short texts will be provided for those who prefer to work with a surprise subject) No drawing skills required, stick figures and or photos and collage can be used. If you have materials you would like to use, bring them with you. Pen, pencil, and colored pencils will be provided for sharing, and each person will be provided with the board on which to do sequential images.     Details and Registration HERE  

Hands-On Photographing Your Artwork Session

Open Space for Arts and Community 18870 103rd Ave SW, VASHON, WA

One on One in the Studio With Michelle! For students who’ve taken Michelle’s workshop on photographing artwork, this is your chance to get hands-on guided experience using your own camera and provided lighting. We’ll have several stations and will trade off shooting, working with your cameras, and working with image files. This is a teaching session, and you will be guided in how to use your camera, what lighting works for your work, and other lessons from the workshop, but will not be able to photograph large numbers of artworks. Bring a laptop if you have and if there is time we can look at working with file storage and manipulation. Bring a camera and artwork - I’m not sure how much time we’ll have for how many pieces so bring a few and we’ll get to as many as we can. Include: when you took her intro class (at VCA, in Seattle, previously with VIVA, or if you are registered for the March 25th session), what type of artwork you make that you would like to bring and work with, and what camera you have and are bringing. Optional: camera manual, a cable release, tripod, laptop. Sign up early this session is limited to EIGHT PARTICIPANTS!   REGISTER or direct questions to:  michelle@michellebates.net   Photograph of Michelle by Jennifer Loomis; artwork from L-R by Israel Shotridge, Eric Nelsen, and Liz Lewis



Oct. 26-27  collograph—making a printing plate as you would a collage.  Glue textures onto a plexiglass plate using acrylic medium.  When the plate is dry you can wipe ink into the plate and wipe it off again so it is held in the lowest parts of the plate.  When you run this through the press you get an image with beautiful rich textures.  Roll ink over the high points of the plate to create even more color and texture.  If there is enough interest it would be fun to do a class that just explored printing the collograph.  Once you have a plate you can print it many different ways. Details:  classes run from 10:00 to 4:00.  The cost is $195 for the two days plus $25 material fees.  The fees include everything except extra paper which can be purchaced at cost. The classes are located at the Beall greenhouses at 18531 Beall Rd SW  Vashon.  If you have any questions let me know  "mailto:valeriewillson@comcast.net"valeriewillson@comcast.net or 206-463-5067. 


Reading and Composing Images

Vashon Senior Center 1004 SW Bank Road, Vashon, Washington, United States

READING AND COMPOSING IMAGES Reading and composing images is a brief talk with a "slide" show by Terry Donnelly designed to evaluate and improve your photography and creative instincts. This presentation is an excerpt from Terry's "LANGUAGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY" workshop lectures. There should be time for discussion and questions at the end. This event is presented at the Vashon Senior Center by the VSC Photo group on  WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20TH, @ 10AM


Zentangle Drawing Session

Drawing Zentangle is a wonderful stress reduction technique. It is fun and easy and can be done by everyone from professional artists to people who have never drawn before. There are no mistakes in Zentangle. I'll give you the basic ideas on how to start a design and then we'll let our creativity flow. You'll be surprised what you can come up with! You can join us by audio and video so you can share your designs with others, or just by audio so you can see only see other's designs for inspiration. All you need is a pencil, a blank piece of paper and anything you want to color with...and a digital device to connect to the Zoom Class. Instructor: Julia Montagnet Cost: $2 Register for the class here.